We are a multi-disciplinary design studio uniquely located in both Salt Lake City and Los Angeles for clients and organizations throughout the country.

We are highly regarded by our clients for our ability to bridge advanced architectural services [Revit + CAD] with our passion for creating highly sought-after living spaces that integrate both lifestyle and environment.

Our paths have taken us from the charm of Iowa farm houses to the texture of industrial Chicago lofts. From the simplicity of Japanese living to the electricity of a Los Angeles existence. With each stop in our journey we have acquired an understanding of what it means to truly be home. Now — our home is te West Coast. We are proud to serve this community, and grateful for the amazing human beings who allow us to create amazing spaces.


Services Include:

Revit Renderings
Interior Design
Style Consultations
Space Planning
Home + Real Estate Staging


Our Team




Designer. Mother. Traveler. Ice Cream lover.

This world begs us to explore it. To design it. To save it. Design is not about what looks rad and beautiful; it is about what makes sense. What connection are we making as humans to our own landscape? THAT is where design happens // when we meet our environment. I used to cut out tiny pieces of furniture out of paper and arrange it in the squiggly box that was my room on my Lisa Frank notebook. Then I grew up and I went to design school which included soaking up every piece of stone that I could in Barcelona and Paris. Then I really grew up and worked in 5 cities [St. Louis // Chicago // Tokyo // Salt Lake City // L.A.] spanning 2 continents in both residential and commercial design. And then I really adulted hard and in the middle of it all I started a family. And now here we are. So the story goes ...




Designer. Mother. Advocate. Coffee Lover.

Design was written in the stars for me as a Californian native who moved around the country living in an RV and helping my dad flip houses - long before either of those were cool. I have always found my passion in the process of creation, which was the path that led me from Brand Development in the Marketing world to Craftsman in the Woodworking world when I opened my own shop. The beauty of bringing a vintage piece into a modern space is truly an incredible integration. My love of cultures has become infused in my design work. Here's to all the ladies that think like a Contractor and create like a Designer!


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