A Big Girl Bedroom

Location // Calabasas, CA


When we come home, we want to feel that it truly is our home.  When this young lady returns from the chaos that is college at USC in Los Angeles, she can finally relax in her own space.



In High School she wanted her room to tell her story. The art supplies stacked in the corner, the makeup thrown on any surface it could find and the souvineers from every airport shop she came across ... it all needed to be seen. 




Her room was cluttered with memories of trips, half-completed art projects and more eyeshadow pallets than a Sephora pop-up.  Her bed from her childhood left her no room to grow. She felt safe with her posessions, but stuck in the past that she was rapidly outgrowing with her USC scholarship on the horizon.  During those breaks from school when she would brave the 101 to come home in the fall, she wanted to be able to take a breath in her room and see the future - not the past.




After a grueling week of finals surviving on Cheetos and Blue Powerade, nothing sounds sweeter than going H O M E. She realized that her room of memories would not provide that comfort to her as she was growing up and out into the world.  She wanted her room to remind her of where she could go, rather than every place she had been.

We created this space for her to reflect that transition into young adulthood.  We did not take away her Indian souvineers or her 32 Urban Decay swatches; instead we highlighted them.  We showcased her accomplishments and her memories, while also giving her a proper space to do her makeup and work on her art. 

Most importantly, we gave her a bed that she can grow into underneath her tapestry sky.




"After a long week of school and a tedious drive back from downtown, there is nothing like coming back to a space that feels my own, free of roommates and college drama, a space that is 100% for me and a place to relax, rejuvenate and create." 

- Tanya