It takes a village

Location // California

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There are times where a staging requires more than just placing the pillows on the correct ends of the sofas and making sure the table lines up with the sliding glass door.

These are the times where we call in our team // our handyman, our assistants, our painter, our cleaner ... our ride-or-dies, if you will.




You aren’t always handed a blank canvas to start throwing the furniture into.  Sometimes you are handed a condo that was left in a hurry due to a family emergency.  These are the moments that we call in the troops to make sure that the property is in tip top shape before we even begin.  We touched up the paint, we fixed the toilets, we installed new faucets, we deep cleaned top to bottom and we put the finishing details on a bunch of other little things that were inhibiting this house from showing well.

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After the real dirty work ends, then our dirty work begins:  the staging! We brought in the goods to complete this space and get them top dollar for this urban condo in a California town.

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