SLC Rental

Location // Salt Lake City, UT


When you have a home as an investment property, you really want it to be in the best condition it can be in.  

You aim to have good renters that don’t leave their cigarette butts imbeded in the carpet or their cat’s claw marks forever on the baseboard.  You also want that place filled at all times so that you can make the money you set out to make.




Staging this home to attract the rental market is a bit different than attracting the buying market.  We really needed to lay out all the spaces and their intended functions. With this random wall between the front two areas, we decided to take that opportunity and turn it into what may attract someone looking at the home.  [NOTE: If this was a project for us, we would have had that wall down faster than you can say #openfloorplan!]


We needed to use a universal approach to get this client a tenant - a beautifully decorated space with a good layout for their lifestyle.  Using some not-scary pops of color, we kept the space feeling fairly peaceful with just a few statement pieces sprinkled around. The Master Bedroom is one of the rooms that can sell a house - and this one was no exception!  Showing off the large square footage of the space in a style that would welcome almost anyone to take a nap, we were able to get this house sold for Emily in only 2 days!

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“Staging made a night and day difference in how this vacant home felt. I truly believe in the power of staging and DIG knows what they are doing when it comes to design.”

Emily Hayes, Emily Hayes Homes [Keller Williams]



2,000 sq. ft.

Listed at:  $285K

Sold for:  $290K

On Market:  2 days