The Remodeled Staging

Location // Salt Lake City, UT


Sometimes there are projects that need more than just a pretty picture hung on the wall and a bowl of lemons placed on the table.  This was one of those projects.

You aim to have good renters that don’t leave their cigarette butts imbeded in the carpet or their cat’s claw marks forever on the baseboard.  You also want that place filled at all times so that you can make the money you set out to make.




This condo had been occupied by the same tenant since the day the building was constructed.  This same condo had never been updated since the day that she moved in. Now, as Designers, there is a lot of magic we can work on spaces to create something beautiful in an otherwise dull canvas.  However, this was a moment where we had to reach beyond magic.


There is a reason we have a team - and this is that reason.  We called in the troops and we went to work. Head-to-toe with a new coat of paint, lighting installed, landscaping was done, cabinets fixed and painted and everything in between to make sure that this home was in tip-top shape before we staged it.  We work with blank canvases most of the time, but we always ensure that our canvas is ready for us - and if that means we get it ready, then so be it.


The homeowner had some amazing lighting pieces and art that we had the luxury of working with.  We knew we could get a bit funky and retro with this based on her own belongings, so we took full advantage of that.  The original yellow table with the 1960’s vintage light above were a great touch to this space. Being able to keep some of the old school elements while mixing in some modern design touches was the key to getting this place sold.   



“This townhome needed everything to make it stand above the rest as it was tired and outdated: paint, repairs, interior and exterior reimagining of the spaces.  Bri and her team transformed the space using a collaboration of the seller’s retro pieces and new hip pieces to display a light-filled, welcoming home to potential new buyers.”

Kelly Kissman, Coldwell Banker


900 sq. ft.
$10K over asking price [multiple offers]
2 days